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Drug Discovery in Academia: General articles that feature VCNDD


Minds Wide Open - Vanderbilt builds a brain trust for neuroscience discovery Vanderbilt Magazine Spring 2012
Tough Times For Neuroscience R&D Chemical & Engineering News Mar 19 2012
Neuroscience Outtakes Part 2: Vanderbilt’s Jeff Conn on the Role of Academic Labs Chemical & Engineering News Mar 19 2012
An interview with P. Jeffrey Conn (Requires paid subscription)
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Trends in Pharmacological Sciences Mar 2012
Vanderbilt spends $7.6 million to expand into Cool Springs Life Sciences Center The Tennessean Mar 8 2012
Pioneering Partnership with MJFF Drives New Parkinson’s Treatment Toward Pharmacy Shelves Michael J. Fox Foundation Blog Dec 13 2011
Vanderbilt's Neuroscience Unit Operates Like a Biotech Elsevier Business Intelligence "The Pink Sheet" Dec 5 2011
Vanderbilt forges path for academia Drug Discovery News Nov 2011
Studies on Parkinson's drugs blur lines between academia and industry InsideVandy Nov 8, 2011
Bridging the Gap Chemical & Engineering News Oct 3, 2011
Vanderbilt Advances Biotech Partnerships Chemical & Engineering News Sept 26, 2011
Big Pharma Finds a Home on Campus (Requires paid subscription) Chronicle of Higher Education Jul 24, 2011
VUMC scientists seek partners for neuro-drug discovery Venture Nashville Connections Mar 21, 2011
New drug discovery center focuses on brain disorders VUMC Reporter Mar 10, 2011
A New Prescription for Drug Discovery
Vanderbilt Medicine Jan 2011
Drug Discovery at Vanderbilt
Vanderbilt Medicine Jan 2011
Changing Their Ways
As students continue to flock to drug development, chemistry departments adapt their programs
Chemical & Engineering News Dec 6, 2010
NIH and the Drug Discovery Pipeline - ASPET responds to Newsweek ASPET PharmTalk Jun 1, 2010
Can academia bridge the gap between bench and bedside? Xconomy May 12, 2010
Cracking The Tough Ones
Drug firms hope to accelerate their quest for evasive cures through partnerships
Chemical & Engineering News Feb 22, 2010
VU's Conn advocates new models for drug discovery Venture Nashville Connections Dec 22, 2009
Breaking the Mold Chemical & Engineering News Apr 20, 2009
Moving from Theory to Therapy Nashville Medical News Feb 2009
Town meets gown in J&J-Vandy deal Drug Discovery News Feb 2009

Vandy-J&J partnership could change the way new drugs are produced

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Feb 16 , 2009
Vanderbilt Forms Pact With J&J Chemical & Engineering News Jan 19, 2009
VU, Janssen team in drug discovery effort The Reporter Jan 16, 2009
Janssen-Vanderbilt; Baxter-Northwestern R&D Pacts Support Idea of Academic Labs as CROs Biotech Transfer Week Jan 14, 2009

J&J, Vanderbilt Team Up on Schizophrenia Drugs

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Wall Street Journal Jan 9, 2009
J&J-Vanderbilt in unusual schizophrenia drug deal Jan 9, 2009
Vanderbilt joins high-tech drug discovery effort The Reporter Sept 12, 2008
Clinic is key to speed new drug discovery: Conn The Reporter Feb 2, 2007
Conn discusses "Opportunities and Challenges for Drug Discovery in a Postgenomic World" (video) Discovery Lecture Series Jan 25, 2007
Preclinical Drug Discovery Research and Training at Vanderbilt ACS Chemical Biology Jan 19, 2007
Network to boost discovery efforts The Reporter June 17, 2005
Agreement enhances drug discovery efforts The Reporter Mar 25, 2005
Where are the new drugs? Lens Magazine 2005
Drug discovery in the 21st century Lens Magazine 2005