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Schizophrenia: VCNDD developing new treatment strategies


Muscarinic Receptor Agonists: Not Created Equal
Schizophrenia Research Forum Jul 11 2012
Stealthy Karuna Licenses Schizophrenia Drug from Vanderbilt Xconomy Sept 28, 2011
Karuna Pharmaceuticals targeting schizophrenia with new discoveries licensed from Vanderbilt University The Boston Globe Sept 20, 2011
Novel grant supports drug discovery effort VUMC Reporter Mar 19, 2010
Moving from Theory to Therapy Nashville Medical News Feb 2009
Vanderbilt Forms Pact With J&J Chemical & Engineering News Jan 19, 2009
VU, Janssen team in drug discovery effort The Reporter Jan 16, 2009
Janssen-Vanderbilt; Baxter-Northwestern R&D Pacts Support Idea of Academic Labs as CROs Biotech Transfer Week Jan 14, 2009

J&J, Vanderbilt Team Up on Schizophrenia Drugs

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Wall Street Journal Jan 9, 2009
J&J-Vanderbilt in unusual schizophrenia drug deal Jan 9, 2009
Fine-Tuning the Design of GPCR Therapeutics Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News Oct 15, 2008
A Mind Disabled Vanderbilt Medicine Summer 2008
Daring to Think Differently About Schizophrenia The New York Times Feb 24, 2008
Schizophrenia Treatment Without Side Effects? Science Sept 4, 2007
Schizophrenia Drug Shows Promise in Trials The New York Times Sept 3, 2007