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March 3 2016
Study reveals possible ‘dimmer switch’ drug for Rett syndrome
Research News @ Vanderbilt

January 1 2016
The World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds 2015
Thomson Reuters

October 29 2015
Compound developed at VUMC may delay Huntington’s disease
Research News @ Vanderbilt

October 18 2015
Drug rescues learning deficits in Rett syndrome mouse

October 8 2015
Five VUMC faculty members on list of most frequently cited researchers
VUMC Reporter

July 16 2015
Grant enhances mental illness drug research efforts
Research News @ Vanderbilt

May 6 2015
New Antipsychotic Drug? Bypassing the NMDA Receptor With mGluR5
Schizophrenia Research Forum

May 7 2015
Findings reveal new target in quest to ease schizophrenia
Research News @ Vanderbilt

Feb 27 2015
Cognitive Symptoms Of Mental Disorders May Be Treated By Targeting A Specific Brain Receptor
The Brain & Behavior Research Foundation

Feb 12 2015
Grant spurs schizophrenia research
VUMC Reporter

Nov 2014
AstraZeneca Case Study-Vanderbilt
AstraZeneca IMed Biotech Unit

Aug 7 2014
Conn lands Javits Neuroscience Investigator award
VUMC Reporter

Mar 6 2014
Detailed picture created of membrane protein linked to learning, memory, anxiety, pain and brain disorders
Science Daily

Jan 20 2014
Anatomy of An Academic Drug Discovery Program
Chemical & Engineering News

Jan 6 2014
Austim Speaks Awards Nearly $2.7 Million for New Research Projects
Autism Speaks

Dec 2013
Turning science into progress
International Innovation

Oct 9 2013
United effort is our best hope
The Tennessean

Oct 9 2013
United effort is our best hope
The Tennessean

Sep 19 2013
Deep Dive Into Science Holds Hope for Drug Discoveries
Psychiatric News

Feb 6 2013
Money without collaboration won't bring cures
Nature Medicine

Jan 17 2013
Bristol, AZ take doses of Vanderbilt to treat depressed CNS drug R&D

Jan 14 2013
Big Pharma Keeps Up Pursuit of Academic Researchers
The Chronicle for Higher Education

Jan 14 2013
AstraZeneca, VU collaborate to develop new treatments for major brain disorders
VUMC Reporter

Nov 29 2012
Todd Sherer Presents at Congressional Briefing on The Foundation's Role in the Drug Development Process

Nov 2012
MJFF invests $5 million in Vandy-BMS Parkinson's collaboration
Drug Discovery News

Nov 20 2012
Getting Drug Candidates Into Clinic

Nov 5 2012
Advancing R&D By Venture Philanthropy
Chemical & Engineering News

Oct 2 2012
Healthcare Enterprise: Priming the Pipeline
Nashville Medical News

Sept 25 2012
Bristol-Myers, Vanderbilt U. forge Parkinson's drug development deal
Fierce Biotech

Sept 21 2012
Pioneering Partnership Leads to "Win for Parkinson's Patients"


Sept 21 2012
Vanderbilt University and Bristol-Myers Squibb Sign Collaboration Agreement to Develop Novel Treatments for Parkinson's Disease
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Sept 2012
Tiny brain, huge potential
Drug Discovery News

Sept 3 2012
Universities Visit the Business Model
Chemical & Enginering News

Jul 11 2012
Muscarinic Receptor Agonists: Not Created Equal
Schizophrenia Research Forum

May 3 2012
Conn receives first Governor’s Award for Innovation
VUMC Reporter

April 10 2012
The Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation and Charles River Announce Awards for the Cognitive Aging and Alzheimer's Disease Research Program
PR Newswire

April 5 2012
Vanderbilt takes center stage at TEDxNashville
VUMC Reporter

March 31 2012
TEDxNashville - Breakthrough Medicines for Serious Brain Disorders
TEDxNashville presentation on YouTube

Spring 2012
Minds Wide Open - Vanderbilt builds a brain trust for neuroscience discovery
Vanderbilt Magazine

Mar 19 2012
Tough Times For Neuroscience R&D
Chemical & Engineering News

Mar 19 2012
Neuroscience Outtakes Part 2: Vanderbilt’s Jeff Conn on the Role of Academic Labs
Chemical & Engineering News

Mar 2012
An interview with P. Jeffrey Conn (Requires paid subscription)
(Alternative PDF file link)
Trends in Pharmacological Sciences

Mar 8 2012
Vanderbilt spends $7.6 million to expand into Cool Springs Life Sciences Center
The Tennessean

Jan 17 2012
Vanderbilt in late-stage talks with company regarding Parkinson's

Dec 13 2011
Pioneering Partnership with MJFF Drives New Parkinson's Treatment Toward Phamacy Shelves
Michael J. Fox Foundation Blog

Dec 5 2011
Vanderbilt's Neuroscience Unit Operates Like a Biotech

Elsevier Buisness Intelligence "The Pink Sheet"

Nov 2011
Vanderbilt forges path for academia

Drug Discovery News

Nov 8 2011
Studies on Parkinson's drugs blur lines between academia and industry


Oct 3 2011
Bridging the Gap

Chemical & Engineering News

Oct 2011
Vanderbilt's Neuroscience Unit Operates Like A Biotech


Sep 26 2011
Vanderbilt Advances Biotech Partnerships

Chemical & Engineering News

Sep 20 2011
Karuna Pharmaceuticals targeting schizophrenia with new discoveries licensed from Vanderbilt University

The Boston Globe


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Jan 23 2014
Autism Speaks grant boosts Rett syndrome research